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January 27, 2014

Sometimes dogs in Guatemala are diseased.  This dogs ear is literally dissolving, but he's still kicking!
My companion and I at our super nice Mall.
Sometimes we match!
Go Seahawks!  
So yesterday I thought it was Superbowl Sunday, so I wore my bright green shirt and fluffy skirt.  Later I realized that it's next week!
My companion Hermana Escoto from Honduras.
A lady in our ward made the dresses.
Like my dress?  It cost about $12 US dollars.  Thats after picking out the fabric and a lady in my ward making it!
View from my front door.  Not too bad!
My cool Bishop!
The skirt and shirt the girl is wearing are mine.  Notice how they drown her?
On January 18th we had a wedding then baptism.  He was a member, she wasn't.  So cool!                  His name is Yac, but pronounced Jac, woo hoo!
Lots of things here have American flags.  The other day in a Tuk Tuk.  The other day, a Tuk Tuk had an American Flag.  I told him I was from the states.  He didn't make us pay.
I ran out of money a week ago because Tuk Tuk's are so expensive.  But aso because I also buy cute Guatemala things like these..:)

Hola! This week was seriously a great week! My comp got sick with what i had on my birthday and was dead for a day and a half, so we were home for half a day on friday, which is hard because we cant work and our area is HUGE, but it turned out to be a really great day. I probably should have been studying spanish, but i ended up studying Preach My Gospel and studying the scriptures. Brianne put music on my ipod from Nashville Tribute Band (which is seriously the best mission music ever) So with the combination of that and the scriptures, i felt the spirit so strongly. I studied a lot about the atonement and Christ. I seriosuly LOVE Alma 7. Especially verse 12. It is talking about Christ and says "..and he will take upon him their infirmities..that he may know how to succor his people." Succor means "to run to the aid of". He litterally suffered, so that when we feel alone, unworthy, broken, if something tragic happens, if something bad happens, he would know how to help us, to comfort us, so that he can run to our aid. It is so hard for me to imagine sometimes how someone could love us so much. But he did.

I also listened to a talk by Elder Holland called "Saftely for the Soul", its basically his testimony about the Book of Mormon.. he is seriously a man of God. After listening to his talk, twice, I took out my english scriptures and started reading in Alma where i had left off, i had a sudden desire to read the Book of Mormon as fast as I could. I really love the sons of Mosiah, they are such great example of men with faith. In alma 17:9, they fast and pray for many days so that they would have the sprit of God with them, to help them convert the Lamanite people, and they were answered with a wardning that they will suffer much affliction, and that they need to be patient, but if they were patient, they would baptize many. In ALma 20:29, it talks about the sons of Moshiah being imprisioned, and suffering great affliction, hunger, thirst, fatigue, for many days, but says "nevertheless, they were patient in all their sufferings." How many times, when something bad happens to us, do we complain and murmur, and ask God why these things happen to us? The sons of mosiah, for many days, were greatly afflicted, but never once did they murmur. And as promised, the Lord blessed them. ALma is the best.

This week we went to a small town in our area, its so cute. When we were leaving, we saw two little girls we knew and they ran up to hug us, then they brought a friend, and asked me to speak english. I told them i couldnt because i was from Honduras.. they beleived me, but eventuially i spoke some english. Then a little boy came up and wanted me to speak enlighs, but i told him i couldnt cause im from guatemala. He believed me too. More kids kept coming up to us and we gave them the same story. We strated giving a few of them pamphlets to give to their parents, then ALL the kids wanted some. More and more kept coming until there were about 20. When i tried to leave they all grabbed onto me and followed me begging for pamphlets! It was so funny, i looked over at my comp like "help me" but she was laughing so hard she coldnt do anything about it, and i was laughing and couldnt break away. Finally i broke free and ran up on the side walk and called "niños, niños!" (children, children) we have no more pamphlets, but we have more at the church on sunday at 9! They said they would come (none of themdid cause its super far away from them) but it was a really funny day.

also, i thought yesterday was the superbowl and even saw a guy with a seahawks jacket!! (he had no idea what the seahawks were.) till next week:)
hna terry

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