Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

AH.. Today is a great day to be alive, and I bet its amazing in Seattle right now! Last night I had a dream that we wrote our families at 4am and you guys didnt tell me who won, so I didnt know! Today, my district met at the church at 11. There is an Elder, Elder Saunders, who is a HUGE Broncos fan. I didnt want to know who won until I read my emails, so I walked in, looked at him, and said If you know anything, dont tell me! And he kind of smiled, then the elders started laughing and my zone leader comes up and tells me the score, I thought the Broncos had won. Then they told me THE SEAHAWKS DESTROYED THE BRONCOS!!!!! dhsdklghsdkghsdkgjh I cried, danced, sang. Wow, i bet Seattle is freaking out! Ah, I am so proud of the Seahawks!!! And to make it better, as we were walking to the internet cafe, i passed a man in a Mariners shirt! (its the little things:)) Watch them win the World Series this year haha

Anyway.. The mission.
Like every single week, what a crazy week! I just read Hna. Minnick's email, and she said the same thing. I realize that as a missionary, life is crazy. Also, full of the most ups and downs you can imagine. Our hearts are broken everytime a person or family we come to love, doesnt want to accept our message, but they are mended when we are led to new people that are excited to learn that Christ came to the Americas too. 

Examples of broken hearted days:
We have been teaching a family that we have really come to love. There is William, he just turned 8 and is the CUTEST! Heidy 14, Carol 17, and Douglas 18. (the parents never join in our lessons but are really kind). Heidy has come to chuch with us a few times, and is really shy. William, like I said, is the cutest!! He loves to sing hymns and answer questions. Carol likes to listen to us, and her and Heidy always laugh when we try to teach (kind of annoying, but they are teenage girls) and Douglas is super cool. We found them my first day here, and have been teaching them ever since. But, they told us they dont want to be baptized:( It literally says in the bible, in Juan 3:5, that except you are born of water and the spirit,  you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.. how do you explain that to people who dont want to hear it?

Broken heart story #2.. This week we found a cute family of three brothers. (their names are Edgar, Eduardo, and Fransisco Gomez.. i almost laughed when they told me their names, it doesnt get more latino than that!)
Their parents are only home saturday and sunday because they work, so its the three boys. Edgar has 18 years, Eduardo has 12 years, and Fransisco has 8 years. 8 year olds are seriously so cute!! They were super cool and wanted us to come back and teach them. Our first lesson with them, Edgar said he wanted to be baptized and we asked why, and he said he wanted to be an example to his little brothers. Isnt that the cutest?!! We talked about thats why Christ was baptized too, to be an example. This is where it gets sad.. he starts school this friday, and he has school friday and saturday in Xela, and comes home Sunday afternoon AFTER church!! So he cant come to church with us!!! :(((( We fasted that he will be able to come to church so he can get baptized. Please pray for Edgar!!

Our hearts being mended:
Last week we found a family and the dad said his daughter wanted to play soccer at a school in the states. I asked what school and he said BYU! ummm. ok thank you spirit for leading us to them!!! We met her this past week when we were teaching her cousins that we had just found. Her cousins wanted to come to chuch with us but she didnt want to. Then i brought up how her dad said she wanted to play soccer in the states and asked her what school, she said BYU. I told her i lived right next to BYU before the mission and that is was a church school, and a REALLLY good college. She perked up. She didnt know BYU was a school of the church, she has the BYU channel at home and liked watching the sports. After she found out BYU was affiliated with the church, she wanted to come to church with us. The three of them came with us yesterday. God has a plan :) 

I have become a professional ant terminator this past week. After i found them in my bed (only my bed, not my companions), i went a little crazy and began killing all the ants i saw for the rest of the week. They enjoy being in the kitchen, so i put together a cocauction (i dont have spell check.. how do i spell that?) of bleach  kitchen cleaner, and water. When i put it all over the counter, the ants die! But after they die, they multiply! The most accurate example is from the movie Hercules, when he slays the dragon with multiple heads, and it keeps getting more heads. We keep havingmore and more ants! Sometimes i leave the dead ants on the counter for a while in hope that the other ants will get the message and stay away.. doesnt happen.

Anyway, LOVE YOU!}

                                          Typical way to carry your baby
                                          My Companion


                                          Kitchen on left/Study area right
                                          Our Balcony
                                          Our Laundry facility/Balcony
                                          View from apartment

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