Friday, February 28, 2014

February 17, 2014 A Special Week

This week, as all weeks, was really special. My testimony of why I am here is always strengthened. Especially when people reject what I know is true. So today, this is what I know is true:

I met a man a few weeks ago that isnt a member, and doesnt really believe in God. He was nice and liked talking to us, but when we talked about the gospel he would make jokes and wasnt super interested. We were pushy enough that he finally said we could come back. We missed our appointment with him because the time before, we had found his house in the dark, and couldnt remember where he lived in the light! A few weeks later we finally passed for him again, and he was mad that we didnt pass by when we said we would. He likes to read, so he read the pamphlet we had given him, but again we could see that he wasnt interested in the gospel. We set up another time to visit him and made sure to be there. The other two times we had talked with him was outside of his house. I made sure to complain about the heat so his wife would let us in, and she gladly did. We taught the plan of salvation to him and his wife. He was suprised to know that we lived with Heavenly Father before this life. He would make ocasional jokes during the lesson and we did our best to continue teaching with the spirit. I was beinginng to realize that he was making jokes because he had a wall up i his heart. His wife told us that sometimes he doesnt believe in God and he believes in Satan. He explained to us that there have been things in his life that has caused him to lose his faith. When we ended our lesson, we invited him to say the closing prayer. After much convincing, he finally agreed. As he began to pray, i said my own little prayer, praying my heart out that the sprit would fill his heart, and that he would know these things were true. I prayed probably harder than I ever have in my entire life. I started listening to his prayer, and after he said amen, i looked at him and their were tears streaming down his face. He had felt something, and I could see his faith returning. 
I KNOW we are children of Heavenly Father. I KNOW we lived with him before, and that we can live with him again, only through this gospel, because this gospel is HIS gospel, and this is His plan for us. I know that we can live happily if we follow the commandments, if we let HIM into our lives. I KNOW that people without the gospel, or that do not believe the gospel, are sometimes miserable, or arent as happy as they can be. I know we can be eternally happy.

Back together for the morning.

Nap time or Study time?

Hermana Escoto, my first Latina Companion.


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