Friday, February 28, 2014

February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Madre

Even the Latinas like Seattle!

My Mom and I are getting Pedicures in 10!/2 months

WOWW:... Can I just say I am soo happy to be here in Guatemala! Most of the time.. this week was a little odd. 

TMI.. readers disgression advised.
On Thursday, we were walking to an appointment with a new  investigator, when all the sudden I heard a pig.. that part is normal, there are lots of pigs here, but this one was SCREAMING!!! It was screaming so loud, so I looked over to see where it was coming from, and I saw a pic with rope tied around its feet, and legs, and two people hauled it onto a table. I thought, oh thats why its screaming, its arms and legs hurt! But then I saw next to where they layed the pig, another pig.. only this one wasnt moving.. it was dead. OH.. this is why the pig was screaming, it had just heard its friend die, and now it was laying next to him, knowing what was about to happen. I quickly looked away after i saw the people pull out a dull machete. Looking away didnt help because I heard a scream that I never want to hear again in my life, a scream that probably would have broken windows if there was any around, for about 45 seconds as they slowly cut off the pigs head. I covered my ears but that did nothing. I made the mistake of turning around, only to see blood pouring out of its body.. and i mean POURING. Literally right after I saw that, we turned into the house of the investigator. My stomach was down to my feet and I wanted to cry.. i was in no way ready for a lesson. Luckily, I didnt really have to teach that much,

This guy and his wife we had contacted the other week. They told us we could have a lesson with them and pointed in the direction of their house. Turns out, they lied to us about where they lived, probably because they actually didnt want us to come back (my comp is pushy and almost always gets them to say yes haha): But, being the often rejected/lied to missioaries that we are, we knew what to do, asked arounf, and found them. This guy played it off at the beginining like he didnt have much experience with religion, but turned out to be a bible master. Honestly, I still have a lot to learn about the bible, but LUCKILY, Hermana Escoto is the best and defended everything he threw at us. We tried teaching him, but he wouldnt let us. He went on and on about things we already knew.. and we just sat there. After about 40 minutes of this, we got a LITTLE bit of teaching in. I ended up arguing a little with him about a subject I knew to be true but he was blinded and tried to tell me it wasnt, so i let hna escoto take over because i knew I wasnt the one to get through to him. At one point, before we left, I invited him to chruch, and he asked when, i told him Sunday from 9-12, only 3 hours. and he replied with "wow, thats sure not very much time to dedicate to God" and i laughed.. cause he was serious, and in the states 3 hours is so much to other relegions! We spent two hours with him, most of it was him talking. He said we could come back.. I need to study the bible more!

One great thing about being in a different country is that I dont know the bad words: In the states I heard them alllll the time, and here I dont want to learn them, and dont recognize them on the streets. I didnt realize how lucky i was until i got with hna escoto. She is always covering her ears and saying, "ah que malo!" Then i appreciate being here more, its so refreshing! 

Our miracle this week:
Last week we contacted someone in the street, and there was another guy there too, just listening. When we were about to leave, the other guy said we could come visit him, so we made an appointment for the following week. I hoenstly had forgotten about him until the day of the appointment. We went to his house, taught him about Faith, Repentence, Baptism, The Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We asked if he would like to be baptized and he said yes! What! Miracle! He came to church yesterday and is getting baptized this saturday! I know that Heavenly Father has people waiting to hear the gospel! Be member missionaries!

Pic 1. hna escoto with her new seattle shirt!
pic 2. sister missionary tan lines..
pic 3. happy birthday clowny!!! Its my moms bday today!

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