Monday, December 2, 2013

October 7, 2013

This week was interesting. Tuesday I went to Reu with my comp and the Zone leaders for their leadership meeting. ( i got to hangout with hermana phillips again during their meeting!) we Have to take public transportaion down there. This is a good time to tell you about the busses. THey are literally insane. I wonder if you can look up pictures of them. They are school busses from the US but they paint them crazy., The drive to REU is long and windy down the mountain. The busses go SOOO fast down the mountain, around the corners, its so scary. Oh, and they pass people around blind corners all the time..i dont understand why we dont die (sorry mom, breathe). So, we were on this crazy bus at 5am, and luckily it wasnt too full. around 6:30 hermana neilsen and i were feeling sick from the driving. i started thinking about what if i actually had to throw up. I couldnt go out the window because it would go all over the bus, i didnt know how to say "stop the bus!" and if i did we'd probably get stranded, and i had no bad to throw up in. I started praying for my stomach to feel better, when all the sudden it was worse. I look at hna. nielsen and tell her "i think i need to throw up". She threw down the window so fast and switched me seats so i was by the window. I threw up in my mouth (sorry) and look at her and shes like "out the window" then i threw up out the window, sat down, and repeated two more times. It was super gross, but it didnt get on the bus! and, i felt great after. my zone leader was sitting behind me and laughed everytime i threw up.
So now im at the window seat, just watching out the window, when all the sudden i see a naked man (i dont know if this is appropriate for a missionary blog). It was really funny because he was showering outside, but it was like in a movie when there is an object perfectly covering what you dont need to see. His pila was a gift to me, and covered what would have made me throw up a fourth time. 
We have to switch busses in Xela (shayla), and its a huge bus area, and there is always a market ouside, then people come on the bus trying to sell you food, gum, etc. One guy comes on selling toothbrishes and toothpaste randomly, and my comp bought me some haha.
The other day we went to a members house for lunch and we helped her prepare things. She hands hermanan neilsen a bloody bag, and she looks inside and was like "ah, i knew it." i asked what it was and she wouldnt tell me. it was liver. yes, we had friend liver for lunch. How did it taste? i have no idea. I cut it into pieces small enough to swollow. Then the other pieces i masked with tamale. I usually hate tamale, but i'd never been so grateful for it.
Later we went to invite a menos activo to confrence, and we walk up her stairs and see these two birds with red paint on them. only, it wasnt paint, they were SUPER bloody! She told us they had a small dog who started ripping at them. I pictured this evil small dog, and they bring out the CUTEST puppy ever!!!
We have a new investigator!! Her name is Marjory, she is SO awesome! We taught her on Saturday after conference, and she brought a notebook and took notes, then she came to conference on Sunday! She came with her friend, who actually brought us our other investigator (who i think doesnt want to get baptized : ( ) But she is so great. i love her!
I thought i was understandingh spanish more, but then i just found out that this lady who we visit a lot, (her husband is an inactive member and shes not a member, and they have two cute little daughters) is actually the inactive member. her husband is the one who isnt a member. i just found this out and we have been visiting her since i got here. she brought up temples and the word of wisdom and i though "oh my gosh... wait, i think she might want to hear the lessons!" then hermana nielsen told me shes a member. so yeah.. spanish is getting better, but im still clueless unless its gospel related.

the other day we were passing the futbol field and we see this blonde girl getting icecream. there is no reason for a blonde white girl to be in san marcos.. I decided she was from utah and was with her husband or boyfriend visiting his mission. it turns out she is from utah, and shes with her boyfriend visiting his grandparents. the guys brother came to a baptism (he is also visiting). i knew it. there are no blonde people here!
so the other night after my shower, i turned the water off and then the shower heard sparked.. the water heater is BUSTED! :( luckily i washed my hair, because there was NO WAY I was going to wash it in ice water! but then i had to today cause it was still broken :( ITS SOO COLD! but its been warm outside lately. The top of my feet are tan. thats about it though.
Thank you for all the letters and emails!

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