Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

I need NBA updates when the season starts!
FRIENDS:  Email me your addresses  because I have no tome to email you.  I'll mail letters!

Sorry my e-mails are never funny!  i just dont have enough time! But i do have a few good stories-   

1, we were walking back from lunch with the elders, then all the sudden the street was covered in people wearing black, and they were carrying a casket, yes, someone died. its a funeral march. followin them was a car with huge speakers on top playing funeral music. they reminded me of the end of Hot Rod, when everyone is marching to the Big Jump, and that song is playing.. but it was super awkward because we were going the opposite direction, and there was no room on the street, so we hopped onto a sidewalk that was super tall. So here are 3 norte´s and one hispano about 2 feet higher than everyone on the sidewalk, trying to go past the traffic, and EVERYONE was staring at us... super awkward.
Story 2: Every dog is SUPER cute here. then we go to this memebers house and they had the 1 ugly dog in all of san marcos.. and its name was Terry..
story 3: we sing to people a lot here. especially if they dont want to hear our message. we ask if we can sing them a song and they walways say yes. so we were at the last house of the day, singing ï am a child of god¨and i started laughing really hard because i messed up, and i couldnt stop laughing. luckily i was holding in the sound, but hermana neilsen just sat there and sang the rest by herself.. it was really funny.

story 4: today for pday the elders FINALLY invited us to play. we played dodgeball. on the very first game, an elder through a ball at me and i turned around to dodge it, and i fell on the cement. i played it off like a dive though, so hopfully everyone just thinks im super athletic
story 5:i have a really big umbrella here. the hodgmans gave it to me and i LOVE it because it covers me and my bags.. but it always gets in the way and hits people when i pass them. The other day we were walking on the sidewaslk. there was a fence with barbed wire on one side and the street on the other. we were passing an old lady, so we raised up our umbrellas to pass her. We kept walking, only my umbrells was  caught on something.. the barbed wire! it was super embarassing. the old lady stopped and watched me struggle, as well as everyone else accross the street. now, i always avoid walking by barbed wire.
story 6:there is this SUPER cute little 6 year old at church.. except he passes the sacrament! the first two weeks i would just stare at him during sacrament meeting and think, HOW are they letting a 6 year old pass? we need some general authorities to come and make sure they are doing things right here.. but then he was actually 12.
story 7: we were walking home one night, and taxis always honk to see if people need rides. this one pulls over with his window down, and i say ¨no gracias¨and my comp was like.. ¨he´s just dropping someone off¨¨, then i guy got out. i felt so stupid. now i never talk to taxis
Story 8: i am super paranoid. the other morning i was sitting in my bed, writing in my journal, and i feel somthing on my leg through my sweats.. i start scratching thinking it was a bug, but i didnt feel anything.. then i feel it bite again and i scratch and didnt feel antything.. then it went up higher and bit again. this time i didnt bother to scratch because i was imaginig it. i felt it one more time and pulled off my sweats and had 3 red marks where i felt it biting. i freaked out and took off all my sheets and blankets and sprayed my mattress, then switchd it with one that the nurses used when they stayed. they are new and have plastic on them. i slept with just one blanket the next night and froze. and the matress made a bunch of noise from the plastic on it. i felt like i was preventing myself from peeing the bed. moral of the story, there probably wasnt a bed and im gonna die whenever they move me from the mountains.
things here:
people dont use addresses, they use üp 2  street and in the middle¨.. stuff lkike that
my area is a 20 minute walk up and down hills through the city
they have a pro soccer team, i live by the field
cars drive around with huge loud speakers advertising things
little girls LOVE the hermanas
men are creeps
kids point at  you and say ¨gringo¨ (white person) all the time. especially when we are with the elders cause elder dalby us  white and blonde. people STARE at us all the time, cause we,re white. i think its super annying, then sometimes i see a white person and just stare at them and think, what the heck are they doing HERE? then i realize what im doing
everyone has their own hymn book and brings that to church, the church doesnt have them
we kiss girls on the cheek
its valentines day EVERYDAY. people are always kissing on the street
THEY HAVE A&W HERE!! one of the elders found a place!!
i love the Hodgemans.. they made me gain a testimony of senior couple missionaries. i dont know what i would do without them! they fix everything!
: We sing to people

Mom, I got your first aide note!!!   I loVED It!!  but dont worry, i was just getting a bandaid from someone else.
Loved my sees candy vanila pops, all gone now!
Blend in of the Week!
Street below our building
Squished in a Taxi.
  What ever happened to ALWAYS wearing a seatbelt?

Yep, theirs more!
Go Seahawks!
We live near soccer field, bottom right.
Another blend in.
My first real balloon Gig!
Not quite like Mom's.
Chocolate pancakes EVERY morning!
My Companion
A dog at church!
More Dogs, actually they're Everywhere!
I really held it!

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