Monday, December 2, 2013

October 21,2013

God knows us so well, I have seen his hand in my life so much, especially since i have been on the mission. On thursday we had this things called "attack of the area" when all the missionaries in our zone, and ward memebers, all contact in our area for 2 hours. I went with hermana beckstrand and a girl from my ward. We knocked on this door whos house id knocked on dseveral times, but no one ever answers. THey answered and we asked if we could share a message, and i didnt understand what he was saying. then he asked in ENGLISH "so where are you from?" i was like.. what! Um, seattle, can you please say that all again in english, i didnt quite get it. when can we come back? hge said he used to be a member, and wants God in his life again. But he asked if we could come back in the morning so his non member friend could listen to! I was like.. um YES!! We recieved so many good references from everyone that night. The next morning we went out and committed three of the refrences to baptism. We are so blessed. Prayer works, God hears every word of them.
So a lot of spanish words sound alike, like hambre (hungry) and hombre (man)
re. I always get them mixed up. The other day we were home for lunch and we get a knock on the door, a kid was selling a amall piece of pineapple. we arent allowed to buy things off the street so i said, "lo siento, no tengo hombre" which means, im sorry, i dont have a man. oops.
then we were walking with the elder to get chocolate covered bananas, and i said, "yo quiero enanos de chocolate" which means dwarfs of chocolate. . its just chocobananaos. spanish is so hard sometimes!
I love the Hodgemans. THey are the best!! We had lunch and dinner at their house this week. Hermana Hodgeman is such a good cook! We had blts for lunch and spagetti for dinner. they love the hermanas, and we love them. We would die without them!

guatemalan things:
people dont have car seats, they just hold their kids int eh car. the kids like it though, we hsould try it in the states
people always seat 4 people to a motorcyce, including 10 day old babies.they have no fear
they eat bread and tortillas with eeverything and think its crazy when i tell them we dont in the states
the garbage people come at 6:30am and you have to take your trash out and wait for them so the dogs dont eat it.

Thank you for all the letters!
Love, Hermana Terry

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