Monday, December 2, 2013

December 1, 2013

After having the worst nights sleep ever, thinking it would be the last time I'd  get to sleep with blankets piled on me for the rest of my mission, and watching the zone leader put my name on the board for changes, I DIDNT HAVE CHANGES! I get to stay here for another change! I'm soo excited. At our district/zone meeting that day, we had a live turkey. Yes, the turkey we would be eating two days later. I was about to kill the elders because they were being so mean to it! But i'm learning SO MUCH PATIENCE with those kids. Since I didnt have changes, and my comp didnt either, i'm pretty sure I wont have that whole "i knew spanish after about 6 months" status like everyone always tells me. President promised me a latina comp next change so cross your fingers! Oh yeah, my District Leader Elder Salazar finished his mission! He was so funny! It was pretty sad
On wednesday the elders all went to the killing of the poor turkey. They named him "Pilgram Young". On Thursday morning, Hermana Hodgman cooked him right up. Oh, i forgot to mention that it pooped and had a TON of worms on tuesday.. but so far so good! We had our zone meeting Thursday, and the elders thought it would be super funny to put the turkey head in my bag. It was super funny, and SO GROSS! They finally got me to touch it. NASTY.
Guatemala is super wierd. I think they always have random holidays. On Friday, EVERYONE was out and about, in the streets, everywhere except their houses. Saturday, NO ONE was in the streets, in their houses, nada. I have no idea where they went. We literally only had three lessons the whole day. Oh, speaking  of holidays, there is a tradition here, i think i mentioned it before. On Thursday and Saturday nights, people go to the big park dressed up as devils. If they see you, they tell you to run, and if they catch you they hit you with a stick. Beforehand, they dance in the park and people go and watch, then the craziness happens. Its from nov. 7th-dec 7th, and on the 8th they "burn the devil". At first you think, what the heck how is this legal? Then you remember you're in Guatemala.
People here are SUCH HARD WORKERS! They literally carry 60lds on their heads, and another 60 on their backs, UP HILL! Hermana Nielsen and I used to complain about walking up our huge hills, but then we always see this guy with one leg and crutches doing it, or someone carrying a million things on their back and head. we dont complain anymore.
I listen to conference talks almost every mornin g now. There is seriously no better way to start the day. One of my favoites is Elder Holland's "Safety for the Soul". I want to be able to bare testimony as strong as he does.
Today for pday we went to a members house and played volleyball and ate lunch. Oh, and watch a rooster be killed. The elders loved it, i almost cried. THey literally twisted its head all the way around. I am so glad i didnt grow up on a farm!
Im thankful for my area, and am SO excited to be here for Christmas! Thank you for all of your emails and letters! They mean the world to me:)
Oh, and for a good machete, read Alma 5. 
Love, Hermana Terry

Pictures coming in an hour...To be continued!

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