Monday, January 6, 2014

December 16th 2013

Hey, this week has been a week of MIRACLES!
Maria is for sure getting baptized this Friday on my Birthday:) I AM SO EXCITED!! 
Her daughter, who we have been teaching for over two months, and who as always promised us she will come to church, FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH! I almost started crying when she walked in the doors. Ok, i cried a little bit. The week before, we brought the two most attractive lds guatemalan teenagers you could find, to her house before church, to take her, but she still didnt come, then miraculously, she came with her family yesterday!!
We were teaching a family the other day, who is super poor. They literally only eat bread because thats all they can afford. They really just have a lot of sad things going on in their lives, but they have changed so much and are trying so hard to live the commandments. The other day we shared the story of JOb, and how he literally lost EVERYTHING, and in the end, he still thanked God. After testifyig about the blessings you can recieve from keeping the commandments, and to trust in God, because he always has a better plan for us, we left their home, wishing for a miracle. Later that night, we passed by the church because we saw lights on. There was an activity with the relief society, and they had a ton of potato salad type food, meat, and tortillas left. They gave us two HUGE plates that we were able to bring to this family. I know Heavenly Father had blessed them with this food, and that it wasnt a coincidence that we passed by the church and they had a ton of left over food. I know that Heavenly Father blesses us with things HE knows we need, not things WE "know" we need. I know he blesses us as we strive to live better, and when we live better, we feel better, serve better, and help others to become better.
This Chrsitmas will be sad to be away from home and my family, but I know I wont have another like it. One of the blessings of being a missionary is that you get to live the season of christmas for 18-24 months. Please forget the worlds reason for Christmas, and remember the real reason we celebrate. Celebrate by serving as Christ served, give eternal gifts, not just things that have no real meaning.
I love you all!
Hermana Terry

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