Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13, 2014

So the other day i was eating a nice hot bowl of soup at a members house, which I usually love, but not when i am already dripping sweat. Yes, I have been moved to the coast. I hear my impatient mother called the mission president to see if i had changes because she couldnt wait to hear. Yes I do, and I am in the most OPPPOSITE situation from what I was in before! Yes, i LOVED the mountains and never wanted to leave, but now i have gained an even stronger testimony that Heavenly Father always knows better. I absolutley LOVE my area! Its HUGE! My last area was 6 streets x 6streets. This area is a whole city, plus two more smaller ones. I have no idea how i will ever learn it. My comp is from Honduras, and she is seriously the BEST!! She is so sweet and is so patient with my spanish. She REALLY wants to learn english so we talk a lot of english and spanish. I went from a house with 3 nortes and 1 latina, to a house with just the two of us. I went from a district with 8 nortes and 2 latinos, to a district with 8 latinos and 2 nortes. I went from the cold mountains, to the hottest area in the mission. I went from a super small area, to the biggest area you could imagine. I went from no one talking to us, to everyone gladly letting us talk with them.. life is a litte opposite right now, and i was so afraid to experience the coast, but I love it! Its only blazing hot from 10am-4:30pm, then its so nice! The nights are really nice to, kind of breezy. I sleep with that thin blanket i got at Beehives Books and More. I love it!

Experiences this week:

Leaving the mountains was seriously SO HARD! Probably the hardest part of my mission so far. I really hate saying goodbye. The hardest goodbye was probably to the family i baptized. When we were all sitting there crying, Pablo (the 9 year old) was running around in the next room, and came out with OFF! bug repellent because i had mentioned i was proabbly going to the coast. He is so funny! 
I stayed up till 3am packing, and had to wake up at 4:45 to catch the bus to Reu. 
I eneded up with the nicest, best companion I could ask for.

Here we take "tuk tuks" a lot. Google it. It gets expenisive.
Everyday we have a family in our ward that feeds us, they are so nice! The other day, a lady gave us Pig Skin.. yeah.. i dont get it either. My comp is awesome, and is used to that kind of food, and ther lady wasnt offended. Her and her daughter werent eating it either. haha 

We eat with a family every sunday, who makes the best food! Yesterday we had spagetti and bbq chiecken! YUM! (but still, very hot)

my new area has mcdonalds, LITTLE CESARS, PIZZA HUT; and several other places that ive been missing. YAY
The other day we were on our way home for the night, but still contacting people as we went home (Cause my comp is awesome and loves to work!) WE passed by the house of this old guy who was sitting outside, so we went and talked to him. He was super cute, then his granddaughter in law came out and started talking to us too. She was super sweet and when we invited her to church she said yes and was really excited about it. She ended up coming to church, then that night we went over to her house and had a lesson with her. When my companion recited the first vision, she said she got goodbumps and felt tingly inside. It was the first time in my mission i was able to have a lesson where the spirit touched the heart of our investigator so strongly. Her name is Kimberly. Kimblery is the sweetest and i cant wait to teach her more!

OH, also before the lesson started, we were singing I Am A Child Of GOd, and i accidently knocked my lemonadeade over and it got all over Kimberly! (lots of people here have US names). We started the song over, but my companion and i couldnt hold it together and strated laughing. You know that disibility i have when i cant sing if something funny happens. Yeah.. well we tried singing it again literally 5 times, but me or my comps voice would crack because we couldnt hold our laughs in, then we would laugh, and poor Kimberly was so patient haha. We decided to sing a different song, Families Can Be Toghether Forever, and that seemed to work. With much dificulty, i got through the song without laughing.

Languag Barriers: The other day i made the mistake of trying to exmplain to my comp "See you later Alligator" after i had said that to someone. I didnt know the word for "rhymes" and couldnt explain that alligator really doesnt have a significance in the sentence, but you are kind of calling the person you are saying goodbye to an alligator, and i tried for 10 minutes before i gave up.. this kind of happens a lot.

I have no more time! Thank you for all the letters last week! I got a mountain of them when i got here!
love you all!

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