Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wow, what a week!

After I e-mailed saying I was about to kick my cold, it got so bad!  My disticto said my companion and I looked like death. 

Tuesday we had our big Walmart trip! 
Can i just say people are CRAZY drivers here!
The prices are so weird, I had no idea what I was spending. They didnt have a good chocolate selections, BUT THEY HAD MILKYWAYS!  I bought two bags, and a regular bar. They taste SO MUCH BETTER here!  Idk if  its because i've been milkyway deprived, or if its just because they´re delicous. 
 Mom, they also had Kinder Suprise!  I bought one of those, it was so good. I ate it in the store. The toy was an alligator. I'm saving it for ninos in the field.  I bought a pillow there, now I sleep with two. 

 I'ts amazing, after Walmart we went to a mall food court for lunch.  Their mall is super nice. They have a store called "Always 21".  All the hermanas took a picture in front of it because its like Forever 21. They had a PINK store too.  We weren't allowed to shop at the mall, but we could go inside the stores.  I was so curious.  I went inside and some of the stuff is similar and a lot of it is... cheaper. 
They were playing Maroon 5 payphone!  I was so happy.  I ate pizza hut and taco bell at the food court. 
(Mom, the pizza looked old, so I used an old trick I learned from you.  I asked for a piece they had to make fresh.  I had the best piece ever). 
When I had to pay for it, I  had no idea what the lady was saying.  I just held out all my money and she picked what she wanted and gave me change.  I need to learn how to speak money!.

Wednesday the new Nortes came!  It was fun greeting them. There are a TON of them!  
Recently, the water here is having problems.  It shuts off so we have to use the banos (bathrooms) by the gym outside. Wednesday night was no exception.  The water was shut off, so we couldnt shower after deportes (oh, we have deprtoes at night now).  One new norte was showering when the water shut off, so two girls dumped a bucket over the shower for her.  About 10 minutes after everyone went to  bed, I heard a loud noise.. it sounded like it was raninng again.  
(When it rains it POURS here).  I sleep by the window, and it wasnt raining.. we got up and opened our door to the hall, there was a waterfall coming from the ceiling!  Water was flooding everyone´s rooms!  luckily the floor slants and the water went accross the hall to the other room, not ours. It was so funny, the water was so powerful.  A maitnence guy ran up and fixed it.  We closed the door and put sheets under our door and went to bed.  Everyone else had to stay up and get it out of their rooms.  It was such a funny night? 

 Welcome to Guatemeala new Norte´s!

By the way, I feel like I hold the record for Dear Elder Letters!  I got 4 Dear elders and 1 letter in one day!  All from Mom and Brianne haha.  I LOVE GETTING THOSE!  SEND ME SOME!! 
 I felt bad cause I was given the pile of letters for the girls in my district to distribute, and I was holding a lot of them, but they were all for me.  GRACIAS MOM AND BRI!

Mom, send me pics of the boys! JEN-tell the babies i love them!

I'm usually cold here. Reu is different though.
 Everytime I tell a latina where im going on my mission, they fan their face and say "hace calor!".
First thing, everytime.  It's so funny.

I´ve learned being here that mom knows best. Mom, you know how you always tell me what I need to do, bring, etc., and I shut you down?  Well everything you had me bring that I didnt want, ive been so grateful for.

We found out the people think the CCM (guat mtc) is a Correctional Center for Missionaries haha.  We are gated in and have guards all over.  I can see why they think that.

We have class in the capilla (church building) by the temple now.  I love it.  Only one other district has it in there, so we have the banos pretty much to ourselves.

I came up with a very pronound quote on sunday.  I feel like it needs to be used in general conference. "You might not always be prepared, but you can always have the spirit, and the spirit will prepare you." -Hermana Terry.

The food here is amazing, as always.  ITS SOO GOOD.  I love it at the CCM.

Keep writing!  I appreciate it :)
love you all,
Hermana Terry

A thought I had today:  Why is everyone´s biggest trial obedience to god?   Read 2 ne 31!

Oh yeah, the epanol is coming along.

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