Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 4 CCM Guatemala

Hola!! What a week. I cant believe I only have 2 more weeks at the CCM, and I've already been out a MONTH!  (only 17 more to go mom and dad, you can do it).  So my stomach has been very bipolar since I arrived at the CCM. One minute it's best friends with the cooks, the next, it's best friends with el baño.  Hopefully it will make up its mind soon and only be friends with the cooks. Speaking of which, THE FOOD IS SO GOOD!  
Aubrey, Tayten, Emelia, Bradie, Abby, and Cyndi Crawford, WRITE ME! 
I need updates pronto.
(I asked Jaclyn a question about the CCM and the guards).  She said...
  "I am locked up. There are literally people with guns lining our way to the capilla".

This week was really fun.  In class we were learning something about spanish, and everyone had to draw a picture from a Bible or Book of Mormon story, then we split into 2 groups and each acted out a few of the pictures in spanish. It was so funny.  I love my district. The other district who came here with us, is also in the capilla for class, so we opened the wall and acted out Noah´s ark for them.  It was so funny.. oh the things you find joy in on the mission.  Like on Sunday, we watched Legacy and The Testaments, and all were excited about the small love story.  We were like.. are we allowed to be watching this? haha. btw I LOVE THE TESTAMENT VIDEO!! so amazing. Family, watch it for FHE por favor, especially since it was filmed in Guate and im sure thats where it takes place.  
So fun watching it here.
At lunch one day, it got out that I do hair.  Ive done 6 haircuts this week and 1 blowout.. 
Don't worry Jen, Prodo is Way better than me.
 I love cutting hair!  I always get a hispana that knows english to traslate what the girl wants her hair to look like, because I dont want to 
 traslate what the girl wants her hair to look like, because I dont want to guess their spanish on something like a haircut!
When we walk to the temple or the capilla we always see little kids going up to cars asking for money.  Its so sad, but they always get money!  Almost every car gives them some!
Accross from the CCM, they just changed a billboard to an ad for the Justin Bieber Believe tour in october. I always have Baby stuck in my head now, its very distracting.  
I love the CCM because songs circulate so fast. I'll start whistling a song in the hall then, someone will pass.  We and start singinging it, then I get downstairs and someone else is humming it.  Its so funny.

i paid my guy teach to get some.. haha.we arent supposed to do that.. shh

My teacher came and gave me a hug from you the other day Mom!  Then I warned her, my mom is obsessed with me, if you write her back, she wont stop and probably ask you to do things. Haha. then she came up to me later and told me you asked her to send a picture! Shes not allowed to. I love her, shes so sweet.  
I forgot to tell you, I obtained 2 milkyways this week.  I am so happy when I have Milkyways.  i paid my guy teach to get some.. haha.we aren't supposed to do that.. shh.

I think I still hold the record for Dear Elders. 5 again,  Thanks guys!  Mom, you should send one to my friend Hermana Phillips.  She doesnt get any, shes the one who brought balloons too.  She's going to my mission. 
 Etranny, I got yours too!  It made me laugh, email me so I can email you back!
The rain is so loud here. Our class meets in the gym sometimes for planning, and it rained so hard the other day we had to yell to communicate, and we still couldnt hear.  It's rediculous!! it just pours.  It usually starts when we have to leave the capilla to come back to the CCM, so it pours on us the whole way  back.  I never bring my umbrella, but I do always have my rain jacket because im always freezing in class (they blast the AC).
The rain is just a small taste of what I will get in Retalhuleu.
I cant wait to share the gospel with everyone.  How amazing is it that we can be with our families forever.  God is too good to let us die and not reunite us with those we love most. Our whole purpose on this earth is to develop our families. I love you all so much and am so thankful for your love and support on my mission. It means so much to me.

Jesus the Christ is an AMAZING book!  It goes through everything we know about Christ's life.  Everyone needs to read it to gain a better understanding and a testimony of Christs atonement.
Last Monday we got to watch a live devotional from the Provo MTC!  Usually we just watch taped ones.  It was the first time they'd ever done it live to all the other MTC's. 
 It was so good.  All the devos we watch are so amazing.
Sorry that was so scattered.  My mind is a little crazy.  I leave in 2 weeks!  Tomorrow we get to go see a Guatemala Relief Map (google it), then to the Mericado!  (the market), I hear its crazy and there is a ton of fun things.  I want to get a guatemalan dress i've seen some of the older girls wear. 
My norte roommates leave tomorrow! :( 
I'll be in the older group when they leave!  So crazy.

Wilkes came when I did!  I met him at the SLC airport.  He's in the other district that we hangout with all the time.  He is gonna be such an amazing Missonary!

Thank you all for wrtiting.
 love yoU!
Hermana Terry

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