Monday, August 5, 2013

Week #2

First off, I am so sorry for the worst missionary letter ever last week!! This one will be better.

 I´m writing to day because tomorrow for Pday there is a Big Wal-mart trip planned. Its seriously a big deal and everyone is looking forward to it.

Since coming to Guatemala I have been super humbled.  Not because im in a third world country, I have hardly seen any of Guatemala.  For some reason I thought the mission was going to be SO EASY!!  Wake up call was last week, as you all saw.  Language is hard, but I have changed my attitude about learning it.  Im getting better, its gonna be fine.  I´m not here for myself, at all. I was being so selfish last week.  This mission isnt about me.

I LOVE THIS MTC!!! THE FOOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!  Avocado's arent expensive here, so they give us guac ALL the time, and its delicious.  We literally eat like kings.  Im gonna be sad to have to make my own food when I leave.

Mom- Thank you for sending me balloons!!
Everyone is pretty fascinated with it.  My cute friend Hermana Phillips brought balloons too! She can make a dog and a giraffe.  I made my roommate an octopus for her birthday yesterday, im pretty proud of my work.  My fish needs some serious work.

They are re-doing a lot of the mtc so there is a bunch of construction. 
Its gonna be so nice.  They just finished they entry way for the hermanas entry way and a bunch of classrooms.  We´ve been having class in the cafeteria and sharing with the other district sometimes, so it will be nice to have an actual classroom.

I totally offended a Latina!!!  She´s my favorite one, and we always joke with each other.  She always jumps out and scares me and me laugh.  The other day I passed her in the hall and she pretended to scare me so I was all sassy and said "latina" cause I could't remember to pronounce her name.  We were being funny about it, then later her friend told me she was really mad at her and thought I was talking down to her, so I went to apologize and she kept running away from me.  The next day she apologized with a flower made out of napkins and a note.  It was really sweet.  I felt so bad!  I learned that you have to be VERY careful about joking with latinas.  

We did olympics last week, it was sooo funny.  When the two districts came out, all of us happened to be wearing reds or blues, so we split up into teams by colors.  Then the elders began singing the national anthem and we all joined in.  One of the elders was actually wearing red white and blue, so he grabbed onto a pole and another elder grabbed his feet and was moving him like a flag, so we all sang towards him, we were laughing so hard, it was so funny.  Then we just did relays back and forth.  Best deportes (sports,excersise) ever!

We got to go to the temple on pday, and we get to go tomorrow.  It is SO TINY!!  We did an english session, it was really special.  I get to go to the new Guat temple in my mission.
Elder Holland is possibly the best speaker in the entire world.  I don't think anyone can deliver a message the way he can.  Try to find this video on Youtube PLEASE and (post it on my blog if you can find it mom), Its called " Missionary work and the Atonement" by Elder Holland.  It was given at the MTC a few years ago. Its so amazing.  One of my favorite talks on Christ probably ever.

Our district is always really goofy in class.  The babies (elders) are still kind of immature and they make jokes all the time.  At night when i'm really tired and we´re in class I think they are soo funny and just laugh all the time... but now I laugh at them during the day too.  I think my IQ is going down.  Actually im positive.  A couple days ago an elder brought popcorn to our class (we have a microwave cause we have class in the cafeteria) and shared it with everyone.  Someone mentioned something about where they grow the seeds and I asked "what kind of seeds do they use?"... popCORN..
 Then at dinner one night we found out an elder is from the mountains of Reu, and speaks Ketche(?) the language I would speak if I serve in the mountains.  I tried calling him over "Hermano, hermano!" he finally came over and I noticed his tag said "Elder" and not "hermano", I told hermana Phillips, I think he´s going stateside, and she looked at me weird. Then his companion came over and his tag said "Elder" too!  I was like "I think they both are going stateside!"  Then is dawned on me.. all of the tags say Elder.  So I know the CCM is helping with my espanol and patience.. but thats about it.

I´m a pro at speaking spanglish now, but I realized it's not going to get me very far.  I had to teach a latino in espanol, and he doesnt know any english, so I cant use the spanglish i´ve mastered.  It was cute for a second, but its not gonna cut it in the real world.

Mom and Tammi, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DEAR ELDER LETTERS!!!! It totally made my night when they brought them to me!! Everyone, go to and write me:)

It rained the other day durning deportes, IT RAINS SOOO HARD HERE!!  It was SO loud and rained so much for like a minute, then it stopped.  It was just a little taste of what I will get in Reu.

My companera y I got sick a couple days ago.. its my fault though. In the morning she was like, "my throat hurts, does yours?"  I was like "no." then durning breakfast I was trying to be a nice companera and let her have a taste of my OJ... then I got sick with a sore throat, and now its just a cold.  I think its in its final hours though.  I doTerra´d the heck out of it (THANK YOU FOR THE OILS!)   No one really wears scented perfumes her, excpet the latino elders and some of the latinas, so when I have the oils EVERYONE asks what it is, because they aren´t used to smelling anything.  I smell like Teresa and Roger´s house lol.

Last night my comp and I were feeling awful and were so tired, but we decided to be obedient and go downstairs to watch the devotional (we watch old devos given at the Provo MTC with a few american districts) let me just say, the Lord blesses obedient missionaries. It was devotional from last year, we started with a song, then a special violen musical number, then they were like, "and now we have another special musical number" (by this point we were like, come on, on with the talk) "by Elder David Archuleta"... lets just say Isolated missionaries + David Archuleta= BEAMING hermanas and annoyed Elders.  We were so excited!!  He sang "The Sprit of God", and sang the second verse in espanol!  Thats one of my favorite hymns in espanol, we sing it all the time (and Sisters in Zion because the elders think its so funny) it was so cute!  Then he got emotional at the end and all the hermanas were loving it and the insecure elders were laughing.  But let me tell you, it was definiatly a treat.

Also, yesterday we had a class from the doctor here about how to stay healthy.  It's safe to say he scared everyone, and no one will be drinking water that isn't from a water bottle.
DyC 59:23
"But learn that he who doeth worksof righteousness shall recieve his reward, even peace in this world..." I love this. If you are having trouble finacially, family related, spiritually, etc, wouldnt you do anything to feel hope or peace? I love the promise of peace in this world, because as the last days approach, I feel like the blessing of peacewould be worth anything.
love, Hermana Terry
ps.. i dont think ive ever heard my last name so many times in my life.
Kevin and Chris, Thank you for the check, that was so nice!  I accidentally brought it with me to Guatemala so i´m going to send it  home.  THANK YOU!

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