Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HOLA!                                                                                                   August 27, 2013

 Thanks for all the emails and letters this week.  I loved hearing from everyone.

First, the food is still SO amazing! Everytime I eat, I   think I need to write home about this one.  I dont know how they do it, but the food is SO GOOD! Yesterday was the main chef´s birthday so I made him an Octopus balloon, and my district gave it to him, he loved it! 
(Mom i need more octopus heads!)
So we are still having class at the capilla (church building), and last week there were a ton of families for some reason!  They come from all over, so when they come here it usually takes a few days. There is a temple house for them to stay at, and people to watch their children. The capilla is practically on temple grounds, so during class there were a TON of niños (children) outside!  We all went out and and starrted playing with them, they were so cute! One little girl gave me a sticker, there were a bunch of kids playing ball with the elders, then there was this super cute one in the chapel who was talking to Elder Jorgensen (abby, if youre reading this, jorgensen always makes me think of you cause he looks like Matt Saracen!)  I went over to them and asked the boy is he plays futbol, he said he did (cause all central and south americans do) then I realized before I had asked him that, elder J was like "lo siento.." (im sorry), but I was too focused on my spanish that I wasnt listening to their conversation. Then Jorgensen told me the little boy had just told him that his older brother was in prison, then I came in and asked him about soccer!  haha.. oops. It was really funny afterwards.  I love the kids!  They are all so sweet, and they LOVE the missionaries.  Its almost celeb status, do you think that's good enough for Nick Jonas? sorry, I had to. 

Today was my last time going to this temple! :( it was so sad, I walked around and tried to memorize everything about it, I love it so much.

The Mericado was so crazy!  We took a bus ride through the city to get to a Relief Map, which was HUGE!  A man went through and surveyed all of guatemala with just a donkey and his tools.  I can't remember how long ago, but a really long time ago, and it was 99.9% accurate!  The presidente took us and told us all about it, then gave theory of where the BOM took place.  Its cool hearing about it and seeing where it could have been. Then we went to the mericado (the market), there were so many small shops!  I bought shoes, a Guatemalan dress, and two headbands.  All of the hermanas bought a dress, hopefully I can send a pic in 2 weeks!  Everything was super cheap there, but you feel like you're spending a ton of money cause everything is 8x as much in ketzalas! 
So when I was looking for a dress, they were all just whatever, then I found this SUPER cute one! It was mint green and striped and the style was super cute!  I tried it on and the slit was too high, so I told the lady I was going to keep shopping and probably come back for that dress, (I would just sew up the slits).   I go around and there is nothing that comes close, by this time we have 10 minutes to be back at the bus, so we (my comp and 2 elders) were running through the mericado trying to find that lady with my dress, and just as we get to it, Isee Hermana Outsen, walking around the corner leaving with my dress!!  I was so sad!  The lady didn't care because she got it sold..   I was so bummed, then as we were walking out, I see down one way a dress, so I ran down to buy it.  It was half as much money, (still only $10 US dollars) and I loved the color!  It was funny afterward talking to Outsen about it..  Not funny seeing her wear it the next day.

Our 2 districts are leaving in a week, and its a tradition for us all to sing at church our last sunday, so we´re singing the EFY medley, it sounds so pretty. We were practicing yestrday and someone had the idea to do a flash mob of it in the cafteteria (oh the things you do on a mission.. flash mob to church songs) we think its super funny though, if it happens, it will be next monday! 

So we still play bumb at deportes, but us girls only stay in because the elders are being nice, so all deportes last night, one elder helped me and some other hermanas with our shots and layups for about 45 minutes, then we played bumb like a boss!  We made a bunch of shots and thought we were so cool, but the elders are still way better.  But now we dont look like girls who cant shoot a ball!

I crave milkyways daily.  It's an issue.  On sunday nights though we get chocolate, and last sunday I got a twix!  Sundays are seriously the best.  I just cry all day, especially during devotionals and movies.  All I know is Christ is our Savior, and all he wants is our happiness, which is why he atoned for our sins, so we can repent and be happy.  Not so we repent because we´re bad people. We´re not bad people, but sometimes we do things we can improve on, and thats' when we can repent.

Running out of time!  I dont know if I get to write next week, because this time next week i'll be in RETALHULEU!   Am I excited, YES!  But then I take a warm shower here, and eat a steak sandwich then think.. I could stay here a while longer.

Love you all!
Hermana Terry
PS, Send all letters to the mission home now!

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