Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23, 2013

Weird things here in Guatemala...

You dont flush toilet paper down the toilet!  You put it in the garbage next to the toilet.. 
 I know, its disgusting, and I always forget or sometimes i'll remember with the first toilet paper and forget on my second one!  Oops. 

EVERYONE cat calls here, just because im white. I walk down the street and whistles are literally coming from every direction, its so annoying!  Sometimes I say hi to men when I pass by beacause they usually wont cat call if i say hi first.

There are tons of cars, even in Reu. Tons of busses, they are yellow school busses from the states that they send here. They paint them, its so funny.  

Every missionary house has a huge purified water jug and we just call for new ones when we need it.  It's so easy.  Most members have them also.    
The teenage boys are so clean cut here and have really good style.  I love their hair so much.  

Tell moms who are sending their kids here, to have their girls bring a black jacket, like suit jacketish. We wear them in meetings with presidente.  They can find them here too. Everything here is like a huge DI or Goodwill.  

The kids arent really starving here in San Marcos.  They all dress in uniforms to school, they are so nice!   Some kids wear suits, they all dress nice.

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