Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

aye.. i know i say this every week, but seriously this week was sooooo crazy!!

I got to go on exchanges with my trainer Hna Nielsen for a day, that was fun. It was really weird speaking english, and i forgot how much attention two nortes get when they´re together. I hope i only have latina comps from here on out!
The next day I got really sick and was in the bathroom alllllll day for two days.. but i lost like 4 pounds!! :)

On Thursday someone asked me if i was 16, my comp said no, then she asked if i was 14.. do i look 14?

On Saturday... several interesting things happened. In the morning, i decided to clean my toothbrush by boiling it in water. At 8 am, i unplugged the stove because it had boiled long enough, then went to do personal study.. during personal study we smelt something burning, it smelled horrible, (people always burn their trash outside and it smells soo bad!) At 9 i went into the kitchen to get some water, and saw the pot smoking, i run over to find the water had evaporated and my toothbrush melted to the bottom!! Hna Gertrudis got a kick out of this because 1. she had never heard of anyone boiling their toothbrush, and 2. my toothbrush was melted! Her laugh is soo funny, i wish i could send the videos!! 

On Saturday, Ana Banana was baptized! I am still kind of shocked, I was pretty positive she would back out at any minute, because she has been afraid of baptism her whole life, but she made it!! That was awesome.
The night before, the zone leaders informed us they didnt have any clothes for anas baptism, so saturday morning we took her to the Mega Paca (DI) to find a white skirt and white shirt, we also bought her a cute dress for her confirmation Sunday. About 4 hours later we went back to her house to pick her up.. we waited for about 30 minutes for her, i thought she ran away! But she didnt, and all was well :) After her baptism, we gave her a hymn book we had in the house, that she used to sing the last hymn. We couldnt find the page the hymn was on, it was hymn 198, but it wasnt the same song everyone else was singing. then we looked at the hymnbook of hna gertrudis, and hers was 198 too... then i thought, oh no, we gave her an old hymn book that doesnt have alll the hymns!! Then I realized her hymn book was in english... haha OOPS!
I am sooo thankful for this gospel! I feel like people who dont have testimonies should serve a mission so they should gain one, talking to people here about their lives and religions has helped me realize how badly the world needed Christs gospel restored to the earth. There are soo bçmany people out there who think they know the church, and doubt it. They dont know anything because they havent truly lived the gospel of Christ. I know  with out a doubt this gospel is true, and I am SO glad to be here in hot, rainy Guatmemala!

pic 1and 2 This is Carlito, the nephew of Ana. He LOVES the canche (im the canche). He is always so sad when i leave, but when i come, he wont come near me! I forced him to take a picture with me

pic 3. we made pupsas with people from the ward the other day!! 

oh i almost forgot, something to add to the crazy week. Last wedneday, we visited Ana, and I was able to talk to her 12 year old brother. Hes kind of a rebel, what when i talked to him he said he wanted to change, and agreed to come to church this week. I invited him to the youth activity that night too, because ana and a girl from church was about to leave for it. He declined my offer. I explained why he needed to go, and that he needed better friends, and that he would have a good time, but he still didnt want to go. he said "next week" and "i will go to church sunday". I recognized his answers, cause he was being me in high school! I knew that when i started to try to convince him to go, that he had won. i also knew that he would never go if he didnt go that night. he decided not to go after i argued with him for about 10 minutes. i was so mad at him, i didnt look at him for the rest of the time we were there ( i can get away with this cause he has a crush on me, dont worry im not burning the bridges!) But i was furious because i knew he would never go. Hes 12 and already needs to change his life around!

Later, we went to the house of the old man who doesnt like missionaries, but decided whe liked me and my comp. We had a lesson planned with him for Wednesday night, but when we went over to teach him, he went in his room to watch TV and wouldnt come out, just like he would do to all the other missionaries. I had just gone through this with the little brother of Ana, I wasnt about to do it again! I asked his wife if i could enter into the room, and she said yes, So i went him and found him lying on a bed, watching some western. I told him to get up, and he said "no, another day, after the movie" I told him no, that he told us we could come this evening at this time, and he just kept saying, "no, another day you can come back". I was so mad. I told him, Hermano, we came over tonight to teach you, you can watch this movie another day, now get up!" He said no, i looked down and saw his shoes on the floor, so i picked them up, put them on his feet, and pulled him put out of his bed. He came into the next room and we taught him about Christ.
We read a verse in 2nephi 9 about how Christ suffered the pains of every person and every living creature. We explained it, and talked to him about it, and explained that without Christ, we wouldnt have the opportunity to repent and return to heaven, and if we dont repent, we will literally go to hell. He asked what hell is like. (he sounds like you mom haha) We read another verse in the same chapter that explains hell, and endless fiery pit, satans slaves, etc. This verse seriously is so clear.
After we explained Christ´s suffereings, and hell, he said "your message is cute,  the bilble and everything is cute, but i dont want to go to any church., not the catholic, not the evangelica, not the mormon church, none." As he was talking to him I just stared at him and started crying really hard. He literally was denying Christ right infront of my face after we talked about how indebted we are to him. We was literally accepting hell after we explained what hell is like too. 
For reasons like this, the mission is so hard. Its plain in the bible, its even more plain in the Book of Mormon, the things we need to do in this life to live with GOD and JESUS CHRIST again. I know there is NO other way we can find TRUE happiness in this life, than by living the gospel. 

one more funny story!! 

The other week dad told me it took him forever to get the italian language down in his mish, but he would always sleep talk, and his comps would ask why he had perfect italian when he would sleep talk, but not during the day! My spanish is FARRRRRRRRRRR far far far far FARRRRR far far far far from perfect, but the other night i guess i slept talk and my comp said " wow, you really have perfect spanish when you slept talked!" haha like father like daughter. 

have a great weeK!

Jaclyn and Ana

Saying goodbye in San Marcos, before heading to the Coast

Making Pupsasn with Ward Members

Carlito, Ana's Nephew loves the Canache. (that's me).

Young Women of the Ward

Can you tell which one is the white girl?  Not by the color of their skin!

The Baptism of Ana Banana

My Toothbrush, oops!

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