Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

aye!! Wow.. the carnival is officially over!! POR FIN!! (FINALLY!) 

On Tuesday the elders made us go home at like 4 for the rest of the day!! That was really annoying cause we wanted to work, but it made for a nice afternoon on the roof:) (pic 1)

Good news, ANA IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!! We are sooo excited, and she is too. Pray for her, cause i know satan is gonna work his butt off to get her to change her mind!

The other night, we left with a member to go contact a reference who happened to be his realitive. It was about 6:30pm, and she lived right next to where all the crazy parades were. We entered into the "street" thing behind her house, and found her because she was locked out, and no one would answer the door because it was raining so hard they couldnt hear her. We could hardly hear her when we were talking. When it rains really hard, the power usually goes out (dont worry, i always have a flashlight). So, the power went out for a little bit, in all the houses and in the street were without light, then when it came back on, this tall super drunk guy came stumbling into the street with blood dripping down his face. He said he ran into something when the power went out, which i believe because he reaked of alcohol.. im paranoid, so i look at hna Gertrudis like, lets book it. Then he started speaking to me in bad english telling me to kiss him and stuff, so i took off running, and hna gertrudis too, slowly behind me, and the member was like.. umm.. ok i guess we are leaving. 
We walked super fast to the house of the memeber, where we called our Tuk Tuk friend Hans

We got Hans as a tuk tuk referral from members in our ward (tuk tuks are like taxis.. kind of). We actually never met Hans, only his 18 year old son (we cant ever remeber his name, so we just call him Hans too), so almost every night, we call "Hans" to come get us and take us to our house. But this night we called Hans, and the real Hans, the dad came. I saw him and he didnt look like a dad.. he looked like he was in his 30´s. sp i asummed he was coming to kidnap us, but we went with him anyway. He turned out to be the real Hans, and was only 32.. We asked about his son and he was like yeah.. me and my wife were only 14. But he wasnt trashy, he was dresed up nice because he had just come from work, and had nice hair. He remineded me f twislight, cause Edward was young, and his "dad" was young too, and they were a good looking family. 

I really like the people here, but they are 100% honest, which means they tell me if my face is greasy, if my hair looks bad in a bun (i stopped wearing my hair in a bun after two different people took it down and restyled my hair in the same week), if my face is fat, etc. BUT, they also tell me how beautiful my eyes are!! I like this part. They tell me my eyes are green (everyone in the states thinks they´re brown, they are hazel), and they LOVE the color of my hair! (in the states  my hair i such a boring color and i am dying to color it!)

needless to say, the compliments and straight forward comments balance each other out,

Also, I LOVE MY COMP!! She is sooooooo funny! The best part about her is that shes sarcastic. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO IS SARCASTIC!! So she understands me too when i am sarcastic. Hna Nielsen and hna Escoto never understood haha. She is also the latina version of Teresa Jack. (mom, doesnt she look just like her!)

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